1210 - Vass U Cap Oxford Mid Brown Suede


International price: €528.93

Vass is a world renowned brand of handwelted shoes, located in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. The trademark of the high-quality design and the excellent craftsmanship of their workshop is represented by László Vass, the founder and leader of the shop and workshop, who belongs to a generation of shoemakers who were brave and energetic enough to go back to the roots of their craft and revive a rich, old tradition, giving the art of shoemaking new impetus in a new age.

The Stock Service Collection is a carefully curated collection by Mr. Vass himself, shoes that he finds represent the Vass brand best. Shoes from this collection require a production time of 8 to 10 weeks. 

If you wish to order this model, with different specifications, please send an email to contact@jeeves.store

Model: U Cap Oxford 1210 Mid Brown Suede

Last: U last

Leather: Mid Brown Suede

Welt: Hand Welted

Sole: Single leather J. Rendenbach

Shipping: Free worldwide shipping