László Vass, the founder leader of Vass Shoes began his enterprise in 1978. Emerging from a generation of shoemakers adventurous enough to return to the roots of their craft, László Vass has revived a rich old tradition which has added impetus to the art of shoemaking in a new age. Below you can find the entire collection. 



The Budapest last, an icon for the Austria-Hungarian school of schoemaking, has for long been synonymous with Vass. Perfected to every detail, this last features a high toe cap and round. This type of shoe used to be worn by Hungarian peasants, who stuffed their oversized shoes with straw. A technique that proved helpful against foot frostbite during the First World War, when the Hungarian army fought under excruciating circumstances against the Russian army.

1010-budapest-bordeaux-calf-double-sole-goyser-stitching.jpgModel 1010: Burgundy Calf

1010-budapest-conac-scotchgrain-double-sole-goyzer.jpgModel 1010: Cognac Scotchgrain

1010-budapest-black-calf-and-black-scotchgrain-double-sole.jpgModel 1010: Black Calf

1010-budapest-dark-cognac-calf-double-sole-goyzer.jpgModel 1010: Dark Cognac Calf

1010-budapest-cognac-calf-double-sole-goyser-stitching.jpgModel 1010: Cognac Calf

1010-budapest-black-calf-double-sole-goyser-stitching.jpgModel 1010: Black Calf



The New Peter Last, classic and comfortable. Thanks to its elegant lines and perfect proprotions the New Peter last is one of your most popular. It features a round toe and wider forefoot, yet it is surprisingly elegant. 

1006-p2-bordeaux-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1006: Bordeaux Calf

1006-p2-cordovan-antic-cognac-single-sole.jpgModel 1006: Antique Cognac Cordovan

1006-p2-black-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1006: Black Calf

1006-p2-antic-cognac-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1006: Antique Cognac Calf

1006-p2-cognac-calf-single-sole-0.jpgModel 1006: Cognac Calf

1024-p2-burgundy-cordovan-double-sole-01.jpgModel 1024: Burgundy Cordovan

1024-p2-cognac-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1024: Cognac Calf

1024-p2-antic-cognac-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1024: Antique Cognac Calf

1024-p2-oxblood-calf-vibram.jpgModel 1024: Oxblood Calf

1024-p2-bordeaux-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1024: Bordeaux Calf

1030-p2-antic-cognac-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1030: Antique Cognac Calf

1030-p2-bordeaux-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1030: Bordeaux Calf

1033-p2-bordeaux-suede-dainite.jpgModel 1033: Bordeaux Suede

1033-p2-brown-suede-single-sole.jpgModel 1033: Dark Brown Suede

1033-p2-midbrown-suede-single-sole.jpgModel 1033: Mid Brown Suede

1033-p2-black-calf-single-sole-0.jpgModel 1033: Black Calf

1045-p2-blue-suede-dainite.jpgModel 1045: Navy Suede


Model 1053: Black Calf

1060-p2-black-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1060: Black Calf

1090-p2-bordeaux-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1090: Bordeaux Calf

1150-p2-cognac-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1150: Cognac Calf

1165-p2-cognac-scotchgrain-single-sole.jpgModel 1165: Cognac Scothgrain

1180-p2-cordovan-antic-cognac-double-sole-02.jpgModel 1180: antique Cognac Cordovan

1188-p2-mid-brown-suede-dainite-single-sole-01-0.jpgModel 1188: Mid Brown Suede

5006-p2-olive-green-suede-single-sole.jpgModel 5006: Green Suede



The Vass F last, created for Mr. Vass by world renown shoemaker Roberto Ugolini, draws its name from the city of Firenze, where it was created. This elegant, symetrical last is a popular choice. It is narrower than the New Peter, and is a bit more elongated and features a higher instep.

1006-f-museum-plum-single-sole.jpgModel 1006: Plum Museum 

1024-f-black-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1006: Black Calf 

1042-f-antic-cognac-cordovan-single-sole.jpgModel 1042: Antique Cognac Cordovan 

5062-f-museum-plum-single-sole.jpgModel 5061: Plum Museum Calf

1052-f-calf-leather-black-single-sole.jpgModel 1052: Black Calf 

1052-f-museum-calf-gold-single-sole.jpgModel 1052: Gold Musuem Calf 

1062-f-black-calf-single-sole-0.jpgModel 1062: Black Calf

1064-f-oxblood-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1064: Oxblood Calf 

1064-f-cognac-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1064: Cognac Calf 

1064-f-museum-brown-single-sole.jpgModel 1064: Brown Museum Calf

1065-f-museum-gold-single-sole.jpgModel 1065: Gold Musuem Calf

1065-f-brown-calf-and-brown-scotchgrain-single-sole.jpgModel 1065: Brown Calf

1067-f-dark-cognac-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1067: Dark Cognac Calf

1077-f-antic-cognac-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1077: Antique Cognac Calf 

1085-f-brown-suede-dainite-single-sole.jpgModel 1085: Dark Brown Suede

1118-f-oxblood-calf-single-sole-01.jpgModel 1118: Oxblood Calf

1160-f-bordeaux-scotchgrain-dainite-single-sole.jpgModel 1160: Bordeaux Scotchgrain 

1170-f-cognac-calf-single-sole-01.jpgModel 1170: Cognac Calf 

1184-f-dark-cognac-and-beige-combination-double-sole-tapering-to-single-01.jpgModel 1184: Dark Cognac Calf and Beige Suede

5075-f-midbrown-suede-single-sole.jpgModel 5075: Medium Brown Suede 

5100-f-museum-gold-single-sole.jpgModel 5100: Gold Museum Calf 

5100-f-museum-brown-single-sole.jpgModel 5100: Brown Museum Calf

5150-f-antic-cognac-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 5150: Antique Cognac Calf

5210-f-museum-brown-single-sole.jpgModel 5210: Brown Museum Calf


The last Roberto Ugolini gave its name to. Slightly assymetric form, with a cap that is more elongated and square. Our most popular contemporary last. 

1069-u-black-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1069: Black Calf

1075-u-brown-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1075: Dark Brown Calf 

1075-u-dark-cognac-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1075: Dark Cognac Calf 

1075-u-black-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1075: Black Calf

1076-u-midbrown-suede-single-sole.jpgModel 1076: Medium Brown Suede 

1107-u-cognac-cayman-single-sole.jpgModel 1107: Cognac Cayman 

1117-u-black-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1117: Black Calf

1130-u-cognac-antic-cognac-dark-cognac-combination-single-sole-01.jpgModel 1130: Combination Leathers 

1210-u-midbrown-suede-single-sole.jpgModel 1210: Medium Brown Suede

5058-u-black-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 5058: Black Calf

5058-u-muesum-plum-single-sole.jpgModel 5085: Plum Museum Calf

1064-u-red-cognac-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 5064: Red Cognac Calf

5125-u-museum-brown-single-sole.jpgModel 5125: Dark Brown Museum Calf

5125-u-museum-gold-single-sole.jpgModel 5126: Gold Museum Calf

5128-u-museum-plum-dainite-single-sole.jpgModel 5128: Plum Museum Calf

7001-u-grey-croc-single-sole-01.jpgModel 7001: Grey Alligator

7001-u-dark-cognac-croc-single-sole-01.jpgModel 7001: Dark Cognac Alligator

7001-u-black-croc-single-sole.jpgModel 7001: Black Alligator


Vass' latest last, elegantly elongated. Similar to the U last but with a more elongated and stilted instep. The toe is more square than the U last.

5033-s-black-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 5033: Black Calf

5053-s-museum-plum-single-sole.jpgModel 5053: Plum Museum Calf 

5069-s-museum-blue-single-sole.jpgModel 5069: Navy Museum Calf 

5069-s-museum-plum-single-sole.jpgModel 5069: Plum Museum Calf

5200-s-burgundy-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 5200: Burgundy Calf 


 - THE 3636 LAST -

With its extra width the 3636 last provides exceptional comfort. A round toe last that is recommended for derby models.

1003-3636-cognac-calf-double-sole.jpgModel 1003: Cognac Calf 

1003-3636-black-calf-double-sole.jpgModel 1007: Black Calf 

1030-3636-black-calf-double-sole.jpgModel 1030: Black Calf 

1030-3636-cognac-calf-double-sole.jpgModel 1030: Cognac Calf

1030-3636-antic-cognac-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1030: Antique Cognac Calf 



The primary last for our Norweger and Slipper models. A beatifully formed symetric last with a comfortable instep height.

1040-peter-black-calf-double-sole.jpgModel 1040: Black Calf 

1040-peter-oxblood-scotchgrain-double-sole.jpgModel 1040: Oxblood Scotchgrain

1040-peter-cognac-scotcgrain-vibram.jpgModel 1040: Cognac Scotchgrain

1040-peter-bordeaux-calf-double-sole.jpgModel 1040: Bordeaux Calf

1040-peter-antic-cognac-calf-double-sole.jpgModel 1040: Antique Cognac Calf 

1044-peter-brown-suede-double-sole-0.jpgModel 1040: Dark Brown Suede 

1040-peter-brown-scotchgrain-vibram.jpgModel 1040: Brown Scotchgrain Calf

1042-peter-brown-suede-single-sole.jpgModel 1042: Dark Brown Suede 

1042-peter-black-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1042: Black Calf

1042-peter-cognac-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1042: Cognac Calf

1042-peter-bordeaux-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1042: Antique Cognac Calf 



More eloganted than the U last, with a chisseled toe and higher instep.

1124-k-museum-plum-single-sole.jpgModel 1124: Plum Museum Calf 

1124-k-burgundy-cordovan-double-sole-tapering-to-single-01.jpgModel 1124: Burgundy Cordovan 

5075-k-bordeaux-calf-double-sole-tapering-to-single.jpgModel 5275: Bordeaux Calf 


An English style last with a short, round and flat toe and comfortable instep. Best suited for our oxford models.

1050-r-redcognac-suede-single-sole.jpgModel 1050: Red Brown Suede 

1050-r-black-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1050: Black Calf 

1050-r-antic-cognac-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1050: Antique Cognac Calf 

 1050-r-cognac-calf-single-sole.jpgModel 1050: Cognac Calf