In this section we will help to find your correct size for Vass shoes through a number of steps.  The fit of a shoe is the most important factor when considering a purchase, and therefore it is wise to spend some time finding your correct size. As a guide, we provide you this sizing table for Vass and many of the other most popular makers. The table has been made from our experience in dealing with customers on ready to wear and made to order shoes. For any further questions we ask you to contact us at


Next to the comparison with other makers based on the table above, there are a number of other things to consider when determining the correct size. These would be the last, the type of leather and style of the shoe. 

Vass uses a total of 8 different lasts, to accomodate any type of foot and achieve any desired look. Each of these lasts are the result of careful testing, and are the cornerstone of the Vass brand. For every last, we have listed its history, main characteristics, fitting advise, and recommended use, if applicable. For any further questions we ask you to contact us at

The U last  

- More elongated and square toe

- Narrow waist and heel, high instep

- Very elegant last, suitable for any type of shoe or boot

The F Last

- Symmetric last with round toe 

- Narrow waist and heel, high instep

- Classic last suited for any type of shoe or boot

The K last 

- Square, chisseled toe

- Narrow waist and heel, high instep

- Very elegant last, especially suited for closed laced shoes

The Budapest last

- The quentessiantel Hungarian shoe last 

- High toe cap gives great room to the toes

- Reserved for classic design shoes, with or without Goyser stitching

The 3636 Last 

- Modern version of the Budapest last

- Extra wide toe box provides exceptional comfort

- Round toe design recommended for Derby style shoes and boots

The New Peter Last

- Classical and comfortable 

- One of Vass' most popular lasts 

- Round toe last suited for both Oxford and Derby style models

The Peter Last

- Symmetric round toe last

- Comfortable instep height with shorter toe box

- Designed with our Norweger and loafer models in mind


The R last 

- English type round toe last 

- Comfortable instep, flat cap and shorter toe

- A last best suited for the Vass Oxford models 

 It is also important to note that the type of leather plays an important role in finding your correct shoe size. Suede and cordovan leather are known to wear slightly larger, and especially suede can  stretch over time. It is generally not necessary to change sizes for this, however we recommend keeping this in mind when you’re in-between sizes, or when you are choosing a more casual model such as the Vass slipper or derby models. 


Finally, the style of shoe will have an impact on the way it fits. A loafer model will always feel less tight than a derby model, because it has not laces. Likewise, a derby model will feel les tight than an oxford model, due to its open laced system.


For any further questions or if you wish to place an order we ask you to contact us at